How Established Companies Can Innovate Like a Start-Up, But With a 90% Success Rate

Mitigate risk and complete innovation projects faster. No foosball table or beanbag chairs required.

Trusted by innovative leaders worldwide

Your innovation strategy needs to be flexible enough to handle the new future of work.

We'll show you how you can plug crowdsourcing into your current innovation strategy, see a higher success rate with your precious innovation budget, and get results faster than internal innovation methods.

The best part? It’s also far easier than you may believe.

Click below to learn how NASA uses our optimized crowdsourcing model and also receive a validation framework to test if crowdsourcing will work for you.

What Our Clients Say...

Keith Lynn | Manager at Advanced Electronics Research Laboratory | Lockheed Martin

Uses the HeroX platform for public crowdsourcing innovation projects.

Josh Everett | VP Strategic Partnerships & Innovation | Ameritas

Uses the HeroX platform for internal crowdsourcing innovation projects.

Landon Taylor | Chairman & CEO at Base 11

Uses the HeroX platform for nonprofit innovation and empowerment projects.

Shahab Shahnazari | Director of Innovation Challenges & Partnerships at MaRS Discovery District

Uses the HeroX platform to distribute government grant funds through public crowdsourcing innovation projects.

Trusted by innovative leaders worldwide to supplement their internal innovation processes.



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What You’ll Learn In This Guide:

The exact roadmap on how to launch your first corporate innovation competition - and where amateurs often make mistakes.

How to find, curate and use your own crowd that you can tap into over-and-over again. We make it easy.

A Challenge Design Tool to validate where crowdsourcing will work for your organization.

A comparative case study of real-world projects by NASA and the insurance company Ameritas, so you can copy their success.

Click below to download the free guide now and discover the potential of corporate crowdsourcing.